The Origin Of Life And Evidences Of Evolution

The origin Of Life And Evidence  Of Evolution

Evolution is a process that results in heritable changes in population spread over many generation leading to diversity of organisms on earth|In simple words evolution is the study of life process with the time|


It is  considered a unique events in the history of our universe

Universe is very old almost 20 billion years ago it contain huge galaxies

The origin of universe is explained by Big Bang Theory

.The Big Bang Theory  states that a huge explosion occured the universe expanded, temperature came down and hydrogen and helium were formed later |The galaxies were then formed due to condensation of gases under


Various theories of origin of life were given by different thinkers and scientists

Theory of special creation states that god created life by his divine act of creation |It was given by father SUAREZ|

Theory of panspermia given by early greek thinkers states that the spores or panspermia into living forms |it was given by ARSHENIUS

Theory of spontaneous Generation states that life originated from decaying and rotting matter like straw, mud, etc this theory is also known as THEORY OF ABIOGENESIS

Theory OF CHEMICAL EVOLUTION states that life originated from pre existing non -living organic molecule and that formation of life was preceded by chemical evolution the condition on the earth that favoured chemical evolution were very high temperature volcanic stroms and reducing atmosphere that contain CH4 NH3 water vapour etc


  • Evidences that sugest the evolution has occured on earth are derived from
  • Palaeontology
  • Comparative anatomy and morphology
  • Biochemical

1. Palaeontology is the study of fossil the study of different sedimentary layers indicates the geological period in which they existed the study showed that life forms varied over time and certain lifeforms are restricted to certain geological time scale| hence new forms of life have evolved at different times in history of earth |

2. Comparative Anatomy And Morphology Evidence  these studies highlight the difference among the organism of today and those that existed year ago the evidence come from comparitive study of external and internal structure

HOMOLOGY organ with same structure design and origin but different function are called homologous organ

ANALOGY organs which are anatomically different but functionally similar are called analogous argans

3. Biochemical evidence  the metabolic process in organism are similar with some new materials and end products for examples energy released by oxidation is stored in ATP, which then powers the energy requiring process|in the same way enzymes perform same function in different organism so it indicate common ancestory among organism|


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