Scope and career option after 12th science

Scope And The Career Option

.when you  are in class 10th you decided what you have to take either commerce  arts or science.most of the people relatives friends and family members suggest you to take science this is because science is the key to any education and having many career option in future and jobs . the twisting thing is that student from science student from science stream can go in arts and commerce but students from commerce or arts can never go in any field like science

I will give you some carrier options which youn can do in science stream

list of cources after 12th science with (PCB)

COURSE NAME.         DURATION   1.BAMS.                            5.5yrs

2.BDS.                                5yrs.

3.NURSING.                     4yrs.

4.BHMS.                           5.5yrs.

5. BUMS.                          5.5yrs.

6. PHARMACY.                                             7 occupational therapy. Etc…

Science is broad and having many career option.such as

.AGRICULTURE.                                         AQUA SCIENCE.                                        ASTRONAMY.                                           BIOCHEMISTRY.                                        BIOINFORMATICS .                                BIOMEDICAL. SCIENCE.                       BIOSTATICS .                                            EARTH SCIENCE

Students having lot of career option are available for 12th passed science stream .science give many job  opportunity to a science student .                                       Science stream is a very popular choice among 10th standard  passed student. Science itself is a very vast stream and the study shows that the person who take science in 11th &12th class having a higher  IQ level than the ordinary commerece and arts student. 10th standard is an important point in the life of a student .it is at this point that a student has to decided about his/her future this is a question that pops up in many front of a students .they are puzzle about chossing the stream .next one is career option a career is an individual meta phorical journey,through learning work and other aspect of life .

Science world has heard your ideas vision and aspiration for the future of our organisation .we have just completed an ambition province wide communityconsultation process.      The worldwide shift towards 21th century learning is providing us unique opportunity that will help shape our strategic goals . The very speciality of  science is that it will give you different aspects of same things and will always challanges your perception and knowledge  which will eventually lead you to next level

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