Life History And Development of Taenia Solium [Tapeworm]

Life history and development of taenia solium |Taenia is a hermaphoradite animal| Each mature proglottid has a complete set of male and female reproductive organ |male reproductive system consist of testis, vasa efferentia,vas deferens,cirrus,genital atrium,and female reproductive system consist of ovary,oviduct,ootype,vagina,vitelline gland, uterus,

Life history and development

. COPULATION AND FERTILIZATION A human host generally harbours a single tapeworm inside the intestine the tapeworm generally lies folded on itself hence normally self fertilization occur inject the sperm which travel through vagina to the seminal vesicle sperm flow into ootype where egg reach and are fertilization |

. CAPSULE FORMATION. In the ootype each fertilized ovum become surrounded by several yolk cells then the zygote formed and it convert into capsule| the capsule passes into uterus

.CLEAVAGE AND EARLY EMBRYONIC DEVELOPMENT. Cleavage is holoblastic and unequal division results larger megamere and smaller embryonic cell which divided into large mesomere and smaller micromere which aggregate and formed morulla|mesomeres and megameres arranged in single layer around morula which differentiated into onchoblast and then formed 6 hooked embryo is called onchosphere

.INFECTION OF SECONDARY HOST gravid proglottids at the posterior end of strobila detach called apolysis passes with host faeces in the excrete soft part of proglottids may degenerated liberated onchosphere |however liberated onchosphere are infected to the secondary hosts which may pigs, dogs, monkey, and even human |

.MIGRATION WITHIN SECONDARY HOST. In the stomach of a secondary host the shell membrane dissolve due to digestive action of acidic pepsin|the liberated embryos called hexacanth larvae which attach themselves to the intestine mucosa with their hooks and then into the blood or lymph vessels |and then out of blood capillaries settle in the striated muscle of tongue, neck etc like organ |each settle develop into a bladder worm or cysticerus

CYSTICERCUS OR BLADDER WORM FORMATION. Once settled in muscle each hexacanth grow into bladder worm |All cells of this larvae fall in two layers outer layer fuse to form syncytical cuticle inner layer called germinal layer | Formation of bladder worm with proscolices is completed in host muscle in 10 weeks fully formed bladderworm are infective to human host |These usually survive in the flesh of pig for several years pig flesh called measly pork |

.INFECTION TO HUMAN pork eating people get infection of Taenia solium by eating improper cooked measly pork |Cysticercus become active on reaching small intestine


The people infected with taenia especially children suffer from taeniases far more dangerous than taeniases is cysticercosis which is caused when a human being incidentally ingested onchophere with contaminated food and water the bladderworm usually invade eye muscle and causing blindness |

THERPY [Treatment ]

Infection of tapeworm can be tackled by several anti helminth drugs such as camoquin, carbon tetrachloride, yomesan, etc


Prevention measure against infection of taenia include proper cooking of pork, sterilization of night soil and personal hygiene|


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